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Cooking Calculator

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Weight, volume, temperature, density, scale recipe size, vegetable cooking guides, and the meat chef instructor, from oven to table we guide and advise. Because your time is precious, we simplifying your life, with the pleasure of taste. The most exclusive cooking calculator, with all the tools you need. For those with a taste for quality.
-Featured in the April 2014 in store magazine of Picard Surgelés, specialising in gourmet frozen foods. France's largest frozen food chain store.-Student Life magazine "Top Banana" award for essential apps.-Featured on Channel 5's Cooking with Confidence series.
* easy fast converter One touch conversion, for the chef in a hurry, one click instant cook book conversion.
* volume and weight multi view Conversion results across multiple weight and volume measurements at the same time.
* Universal Unit Converter. 120 weight and volume measurements. Convert any recipe into the measurement of your choice. Select the original unit of measure. Then the new unit to convert into. Convert weight, or volume. Is the recipe for more? Or less servings than you require? You can scale the result. Change the original serving size, and your desired serving size up or down. The universal calculator, will calculate the result for you.
* substance density calculation Density calculator converts between weight and volume depending on the density of the substance.
* oven temperature calculator Covert multiple measurements across Gas Mark, Fahrenheit and Celsius.
* meat cooking guide Meat recipes made simple, your one stop guide for those in a hurry.
* meat chef master With our instruction tool, you get perfect meat, served at the table, on time. Pick the meat to be cooked. The weight. The serving time. And the calculator does the rest. Telling you what to do, at every time interval, every step from start to serving. On time to the table. Nothing can go wrong. Cooking meat, to, perfection.
* vegetable cooking guide, Make your selection from the fully extensive vegetable list and our interactive program displays every cooking option and guide for your vegetable meals.
… And the list just keeps growing, this in the only cooking course of action you need to take.